Pokemon Dark Rising Wiki

A path that connects Tiki VIllage and Flamen City in Core Region. It also has Lavaburn Forest.


  • After arriving from Tiki Village, If you go right and continue on North. There is a house. Inside is a guy who wants to trade a Abra for a Larvesta. So if you are interested, catch some in the grass in this path.
  • When done go back to the sign where you arrive first and from there go north and enter the passage way.
  • Arriving, pete will surprisingly talk to you and ask you to battle him. After you're done head on north to Lavaburn Forest.


Pokemon Level Rarity
Abra 12 2%
Blitzle 12 30%
Cottonee 10 10%
Patrat 9-11 20%
Pidgey 9-11 10%
Starly 9-11 10%
Tailow 9-11 10%
Venipede 8-11 10%
Caterpie 10 10%